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AIDS stands forAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
How many people are currently infected with AIDSover 40 million (over 20 million have died)
How did AIDS become?A zoonosis originating from African Chimps (probably spread to humans during the butchering process)
AIDS in humans was identified in what year?1981 (but probably existed since the 50's)
Who located the HIV-1 VirusDr. Luc Montagne
HIV stands forHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HIV is transmitted in humans by...Body fluid exchange during sex, Contaminated blood used for transfusions, Contaminated needles used by intravenous drug users, Perinatal Transmission
What cells does HIV target?CD4 T-Cells
How does HIV-1 infection kill the CD-4 cells?Kills the CD-4 subgroup of Helper T-lymphocytes
Late stages of HIV-1 infectionCD4 T-cells get very low, Immune System function is compromised, Patient dies to a number of opportunistic type infections and cancers
HIV-1 virusA retrovirus with RNA genome, Has enzyme reversed transcriptase in its virus particle
HIV testsELISA tests, Lateral flow assays both test for anti-HIV antibodies, Western Blot tests, PCR-based test for viral nucleic acids
AIDS treatmentDrug therapy (involves several types of drugs)
HAARTA "cocktail" of drugs for AIDS patients, Reduces chance of drug resistance

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