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What was Albert Einstein's sisters name?Maja Einstein
Einstein was born in what year?1879
Einstein died in what year?1955
In witch year did Albert win the nobel prize?1922
How many wives did Albert Einstein have?2
What country was Albert born in?Germany
In what year did Albert become a Swiss citizen?1901
Why did Albert move to Italy?To be with his family
When did did world war 2 began?1939
Albert built a card tower as a boy, how tall was it?14 stories
Maja built a tower as a girl,how tall was it?4 stories
When Albert was sick as a kid his dad gave him what to play with?a compass
Was Albert good in elementary school?No but he passed
What year did Albert move to New Jersey with Elsa?1932
What was Albert's first wife's name?Mileva
Who was Albert's second wife's name?Elsa
When did Elsa die?1936
Where did Albert first work?Patent office
Where there cars in Albert's time?yes for the rich and famous
In what year did Albert visit the United States?1921
What did Albert like to do in the United States?Ride his bike
What did Albert like to do in swiss ?Sail his boat
Who wanted to kill AlbertThe Nazis
Why did the Nazis want Alberthe was a famous Jew

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