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American SystemRefers to a set of proposals designed to unify the nation and strengthen its economy by means of protective tariffs, a national bank, and internal improvements such as canals and new roads. Henry Clay was chief proponent of the American System
Internal ImprovementsRefers to the development of a national transportation system
Cult of DomesticityRefers to the idealization of women in their roles as wives and mothers
Republican MotherhoodSuggested that women would be responsible for raising their children to be virtuous citizens of the new American republic
Transcendentalisma philosophical and literary movement of the 1800s that emphasized living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature and in personal emotion and imagination. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were the foremost transcendentalist writers.
PerfectionismThe belief that humans can use conscious acts of will to create communities based upon cooperation and mutual respect. Utopian communities such as Brook Farm, New Harmony, and Oneida reflected the blossoming of perfectionist aspirations.
The Second Great AwakeningA wave of religious enthusiasm that spread across America between 1800 and 1830. Middle-class women played an especially important role in the Second Great Awakening by making Americans aware of the moral issues posed by slavery
Jacksonian DemocracyRefers to a set of political beliefs associated with Andrew Jackson and his followers. It included respect for the common sense and abilities of the common sense and abilities of the common man, expansion of White male suffrage, appointment of political supporters to government positions, and opposition to privileged Eastern elites

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