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Endocrinologystudy of hormones and endocrine glands
Endocrinehormones; organ that produces hormones that are secreted directly
Exocrineorgan that produces other to the outside of the body
Neuralnervous transition
Hormonescirculate in the body at all times; has to have receptive cells
Humeralblood transmissions
Bioassaymeasurement; inject hormones and observe effects it has on the animal
Radioimmunoassaylab test that is a common standard to check the amount of hormone in an animal
Neurohormonechemical messenger produced by nerve cells
Neurotransmitterhormone produced at the nerve synapse(joining of two nerve cells/ neurons)
Parahormonechemical messenger that resembles a hormone, but does not fit strict definition of a hormone
Pheromonea chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, esp. a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species.
Prohormonechemical messenger that has to be altered some way before it can exert an effect on a
Steroidsestrogenic, androgenic, prostaglandinic; flow freely in and out of the cell and exert influence on cells by doing so
Prostaglandinsall body cells
Proteins/Peptideslarge molecules that won't go thru the cell wall but attach to it on target cells
Target cellshave to be receptive for hormones to work
Cyclic AMP (cAMP)stimulated by adenyl cyclase; second messenger system that produces ATP and causes a reaction
Hormonala regulatory substance produced in an organism
Adenyl Cyclasereleased and stimulated by peptides
Hormone Negative Feedbackhypothalamus will stop producing TSHRH if thyroxine increase in blood slows system down
Cerebral Cortexintellectual functions part of brain. Connected to the hypothalamus

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