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Sculpture in the RoundRefers to a free standing sculpture that is meant to be viewed on all sides, and is surrounded entirely by space.
Composite poseRefers to representation of a subject in ancient paintings, thus showing better images to the viewer.
Megalithic architrectureBig rocks that are placed singly or on top of one another without mortar, used as grave markers and houses for dead
CorbelingAn overlapping arrangement of bricks and stones in which each course extends farther out from the vertical of the wall than the course below
Post and Lintel ConstructionA system of construction in which two posts, upright members, hold up a third member, the lintel laid horizontally across the top of the posts
Hengea prehistoric enclosure in the form of a circle or arc that is defined by a raised circular bank with one or more entrances leading into the enclosed open space.
Hieratic Scaleuse of different size for significant or holy figures and those of the everyday world to indicate importance, larger figure=more important
Relief Sculpture (High and Low)a 3D image or design whose flat background surface is carved away to a certain depth, setting off the figure; called high or low relief depending upon the extent or projection of the image from the background.
Registera device used in systems of spatial definition; in painting a register indicates the use of differing groundlines to differentiate layers of space within an image
Provenancemeans to come from, refers to where the art actually came from, the chronology and history of the piece
Votivean image created as a devotional offering to a god or other deity
Zigguratsin Mesopotamia, a tall stepped tower of earthen materials, often supporting a shrine
Stelea stone slab placed vertically and decorated with inscriptions or reliefs used as a grave maker or a memorial
Cuneiformone of the earliest forms of writing, distinguished by its wedge shaped marks on clay tables
Mastabaa flat topped one story structure with slanted walls over an ancient Egyptian underground tomb
Necropolisa large cemetery or burial area; literally a city of the dead.
kathe name given by ancient Egyptians to the human life source or spirit
Idealizationa process in art through which artists strive to make their forms and figures attain perfection based on pervading cultural values
Canon or Proportionsa set of ideal mathematical values in art based on measurements of the human body
Naturalisma style of depiction that seeks to imitate the appearance of nature
Clerestorythe topmost zone of a wall with windows in a basilica extending above the aisle roofs; provides direct light into the central interior space
Capitalthe upper part of a column or pier that supports the entableture
sunken reliefRelief when the image is carved below the original surface of the background; which is not cut away
Cycladicworks of art from the Cycladic islands. many figurines were buried in graves
Frescoa painting technique in which water based pigments are applied to surface of wet plaster; the color is absorbed by the plaster, becoming part of the wall.
Stylobatethe top step of the crepidoma, the platform upon which the superstructure of the building is erected
ColumnPillars in architecture that through compression holds the weight of a structure
Entablature (architrave, frieze, cornice)refers to the superstructure of moldings and bands which lie horizontally above columns
Triglyphan ornament in a Doric frieze
Metoperectangular architectural element that fills the space between two triglyphs in a Doric frieze
Pedimenttriangular space that forms the gable of a roof
Cellainner chamber of a temple in a classical architecture
Peristylecolumned porch or open colonnade in a building surround a court
Entasisa slight swelling of the shaft of a Greek column; the optical illusion of entasis makes the columns appear from afar to be straight
Doric Orderfluted columns with rounded molding at the top and no base
Ionic Orderfluted columns and capitals with spiral scroll shaped ornaments
Corinithian Orderslender column with ornate capital
Archaic Smilethe archaic smile is the smile that characteristically appears on the faces of Greek statues during the Archaic period
Black Figure PaintingIn early Greek pottery, the silhouetting of dark figures against a light background of natural, reddish clay, with linear details incised through the silhouettes
Red-Figure Paintingin later Greek pottery, the silhouetting of red figures against a black background, with painted linear details; the reverse of the black figure painting
Contrappostothe disposition of the human figure in which one part is turned in opposition to another part, sometimes called weight shift because the weight of the body tends to be thrown to one foot.
Lost-Wax Castinglate Cycladic gold ibex sculpture about 10 cm long with lost was cast feet and head
Caryatida female figure that functions as a supporting column
Hellenistic Periodperiod of ancient Greek and Mediterranean history between the death of Alexander the Great and the annexation of the classical Greek heartlands.

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