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1st AmendmentR - Freedom of Religion A - Freedom of Assembly P - Freedom of P - Freedom of Petition S - Freedom of Speech
2nd Amendment (To Arms! To Arms!)Right to bear arms - have guns.
3rd Amendment (3 is a crowd!)Right not to quarter soldiers
4th Amendment (What are you searching for?)Freedom from Unreasonable search and seizure
5th Amendment (I plead the 5th)Due Process of Law - Innocent until proven guilty. -Can't be tried for the same crime twice (Double Jeopardy)
6th Amendment (Six and Speedy both begin with S)Speedy - Prompt & Public trial Right to a attorney/Lawyer Right to a Jury trial
7th Amendment - Lucky 7 looks like an upside down J like JuriesRight to a Jury Trial (in civil casses or law suits)
8th Amendment (8 looks like a noose or handcuffs! Both are cruel)No cruel or Unusual Punishment
9th Amendment 2 9s is 9 which stands for People PowerConstitutional rights do not deny other rights - just because it is not in the constitution does not mean you can not do it
10th Amendment - states wanted more rightsStates' Rights - Powers not given to the Federal government are left up to the state governments
Amendmentan official change or addition
Bill of RightsThe first 10 amendments to the constitution.
FederalistsThe people who supported the constitution as a document that balanced power well. They wanted a strong national government.
anti-federaliststhe people who wanted the Bill of Rights added to the constitution. They were against a strong national government and for states rights
Ratifyto officially approve

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