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DesertAverage yearly precipitation is 0-25 cm, soil is poor in organic matter average temps are 16-50C
SavannaAverage temps are 27-32C average precipitation is 100 cm. and soil is generally nutrient poor.
TaigaAverage temps are -10-15C Average precipitation is 40-61 cm. soil is acidic
ChaparralsAverage temps are 11-26C average precipitation is 48-56 cm soil is rocky and nutrient poor.
GrasslandsAverage temps are -6-26C. Average precipitation is 38-76. And soil is most fertile.
Tropical ZoneThe region that surrounds the equator and extends from 23.5 north to 23.5 south latitude.
Tundraaverage temperature is -27-5C average precipitation is 0-25 cm and soil is frozen.
LatitudeThe distance north or south from the equator
WeatherCondition of the atmosphere at a certain time.
ElevationThe height of an object above sea level.
RainforestAverage temperature 25-28C average precipitation yearly is 200cm or more, and soil is thin and nutrient poor.
ForestsAverage temperatures are 0-28C. average yearly precipitation is 76-250 soil is fertile and organically rich
ClimateThe average weather condition in an area over a long period of time.
Prevailing windsWinds that blow mainly from one direction
Polar ZoneThe north or south pole and its surrounding area.

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