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What is the purpose of contractions in the first stage of labor?Dilate the cervix
What is the word for the widening of the cervix?Dilation
What is the purpose of contractions during the second stage of labor?Push out the baby
What is the definition of crowning during delivery?Appearence of the baby's head
What is the definition of breech position?Feet or buttocks first
What is the name of the process that sometimes occurs when there is an incision made in the vaginal opening during delivery?Episiotomy
What occurs when the baby is in breech position or the baby's heart rate suddenly drops?Cesarean section
What are the spaces in the baby's skull that flex to allow the head to pass through the birth canal?Fontanels
What condition is treated with lights?Jaundice
What is the primary purpose of a healthy baby's first visit to the doctor?To assess the growth and development
What is the most important thing to support when holding a newborn infant?Head
What is the liquid containing antibodies that is released from the breast prior to breast milk?Colostrum
What is the process of forming strong emotional ties?Bonding
What is the reflex that stimulates when something is put inside the infants mouth?Sucking

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