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OccipitalCranial Bone at back of skull (base)
ParietalCranial bones at top sides of skull Mickey Mouse ears
FrontalCranial Forehead and top of eye socket
TemporalCranial Bones at sides of skull around ear
EthmoidCranial Bone that separates nasal cavity and eye from brain
SphenoidCranial Bone behind eyes in middle of head
NasalFacial Bridge of nose bone
VomerFacial Bone vertical portion of nasal septum
Lacrimal FacialBones at sides of nasal bone drain for tears
ZygomaticFacial Cheek bones
PalatineFacial (2) Bones at roof of mouth
MaxillaFacial Upper jaw bones
MandibleFacial Lower jaw bone
Inferior Nasal ConchFacial Hook shaped bones more surface space in nasal cavity
Supraorbital foramen or notchFrontal Hole or notch in brow of forehead above the eye
Zygomatic Arch meetZygomatic Projections where Zygomatic and Temporal bones
Infraorbital foramenMaxilla Hole in maxilla bone below eye
Mental foramenMandible Hole in chin
Styloid processTemporal Thin projection where hyoid bone attaches
Mastoid processTemporal Rough projection behind ear muscle that holds on head
Temporomandibular jointTemporal/Mandible jaw joint

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