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HorticulturalistStudies, cultivates, and cares for plants
FloriculturistStudies, cultivates, and cares for flowers
AgronomistStudies ways to improve crop production
IchthyologistStudies fishes
FloristSells and arranges plants and cut flowers
ForesterStudies forests
BioengineerStudies principles of biology
PomologistStudies, cultivates, and cares for fruits (pomegranate)
MicrobiologistStudies microscopic life forms
ViticulturistCultivates and harvests grapes (vineyard)
HydropontistGrows plants in water without soil
GeneticistStudies genetics
EntomologistStudies insects
GreenskeeperCares for and maintains the greens on a golf course
LimonologistStudies inland aquatic ecosystems
TaxonomistClassifies organisms, systematics, and plants
Greenhouse ManagerCultivates plants in a controlled environment for research, wholesale, or commercial use
Plant PathologistStudies disease in plants
BotanistStudies plants
Plant GeneticistStudies the genetics of plants
Turf ScientistStudies turfgrass

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