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How many members does the Senate have?100
What are the two parts of Congress?House of Representatives and the Senate
Which branch of the government makes the laws?legislative
Which branch of the government enforces the laws?executive
Congress makes up which branch?legislative
How long is a representative's term of office?2 years
How long is a Senator's term of office?6 years
The President is the head of which branch?Executive
How long is the President's term of office?4 years
What city is the capital of the United States?Washington D.C.
Which branch of the government tests laws according to the Constitution?Judicial
Who chooses the Supreme Court Justices?the President
How many Supreme Court Justices are there?9
How long do Supreme Court Justices serve?life
How old does a person have to be to be President?35
How many members does the House of Representatives have?435

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