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male bovinebull
male ovineram/buck
male caprinebuck
male porcineboar
male equinestallion/stud
male gallinerooster
castrated male bovinesteer
castrated male ovinewether
castrated male caprinewether
castrated male porcinebarrow
castrated male equinegelding
castrated male gallinecapon
female that has given birth bovinecow
female that has given birth ovineewe
female that has given birth caprinedoe
female that has given birth porcinesow
female that has given birth equinemare
female that has given birth gallinehen
female not given birth bovineheifer
female not given birth ovineewe
female not given birth caprinedoe
female not given birth porcinegilt
female not given birth equinefilly
female not given birth gallinepullet
young bovinecalf
young ovinelamb
young caprinekid
young porcinepiglet
young equinefoal
young gallinechick
group bovineherd
group ovineflock
group caprineherd
group porcineherd/sounder
group equineherd
group gallineflock

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