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The rate at which something occurs over a particular period of time.Frequency
A measure of the rate of doing work or the rate at which energy is convertedElectrical Power
Two channel mini DIN connector with both Luminance and chrominanceS Video
PSAV standard for this cable is 12 gauge.3 Conductor Cable
A set of electric cables that have an individually insulated conductor with high capacityFeeder Cable
Cable referred to as socapexMulti-Cable
Cable with a single pole connector type.Feeder cable
What are most of the lighting instruments rated at in volts. These are used in meetings and events.120
What concerns us most when specifying poweramperage
What is the name of the law used to calculate the amount of power needed?Ohm's Law
These exhibit properties of both waves and particles. Have zero mass.photons
Lamps are rated in _______watts
Name that refers to how much power is consumed when running lighting devices?power consumption
Breakers are rated at ______ of continuous use?80%
Every time a breaker trips, its _____ rating drops.amperage
The rate at which electricity is produced or consumed.Electrical power
All cables should indicate what?cable gauge and voltage rating
This is what causes a filament to heat up and produce light.Resistance
Cable name that refers to the three individual pieces of conductive material, inside the cable, such as copper. PSAV standard for these cables is 12 gauge.3 Conductor Cable
Cable used to remotely connect a portable dimmer rack or power distribution rack to the electric supply.Feeder Cable
Difference in electrical potential between two points in a circuitVoltage

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