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cardiovascularcomposed of heart & blood vessels, which circulate blood throughout body to bring blood into close proximity to every living cell
heartpumps blood through the blood vessels, which include arteries, veins & capillaries
arteriesaway from heart
veinstoward the heart
capillariesmicorscopic blood vessels located between arteries and veins
capillariescomposed of single layer of thin cells, allowing passage of nutrients, oxygen, and carbon dioxide
heartfist sized, hollow muscular pump located in thoracic cavity
pericardial sac or pericardiumthick membrane that covers heart externally
epicardium or visceral pericardiumthinner membrane forms outer surface of heart
myocardiumthick outermost layer, composed of cardiac muscle,
endocardiumthin inner lining, lines each of the four heart chambers
atriatwo thin-walled, receives incoming blood
ventriclestwo thick-walled, push blood out of heart
right atriumreceives blood from two large veins known as vena cava and also from coronary sinus that drains heart
right venticlereceives blood and pumps it to lungs, where blood is oxygenated
left atriumreceives blood from lungs by way of four pulmonary veins
left ventriclepumps blood to entire body except lungs
blood flowblood flows through heart it moves from atria to the venticles
atrioventricular valves;one way flow of blood through heart from atria to ventricles
two AV valvesmitral valve or bicuspid valve & tricuspid
mitral or bicuspidleft side
tricuspidright side
semilunar valvesblood passes through this from ventricles; which mark junction between two ventricles and two major arteries
two major arteriespulmonary & aorta
pulmonaryright side
aortaleft side

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