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The attachment style of children who are relaxed and comfortable with their caregivers and tolerant of strangers and new experiences-as contrasted with children who are insecurely attachedSecure Attachment
A common pattern of distress seen in young children when separated from their caregivers.Separation Anxiety
One of two primary response patterns seen in insecurely attached children in which a child wants contact with the caregiver, shows excessive distress when separated from the caregiver, and proves difficult to console even when reunited.Anxious-ambivalent Attachment
One of two primary response patterns in insecurely attached children in which a child shows no interest in contact with the caregiver and displays neither distress when separated from the caregiver nor happiness when reunited.Avoidant Attachment
In Erikson's theory, the developmental stages refer to eight major challenges that appear successively across the lifespan, which require an individual to rethink his or her goals, as well as relationships with othersPsychosocial stage
The major developmental goal during the first 18 months of life. According to Erikson's theory, the child must choose between trusting or not trusting others.Trust
The ability to delay instant gratification in pursuit of longer-range positive outcomes.Self-control
Cognitive abilities in the frontal lobes necessary for complex thinking, planning, and goal-directed behavior.Executive function
A biologically organized mental structure in the brain that facilitates the learning of language because (according to Chomsky) it is innately programmed with some of the fundamental rules of grammar.Language Acquisition Device (LAD)
The productive of repetitive syllables, characteristic of the early stages of language acquisition.Babbling
The rules of a language, specifying how to use the elements of language and word order to produce understandable sentencesGrammar

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