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aren'tare not
can'tcan not
couldn'tcould not
didn'tdid not
doesn'tdoes not
don'tdo not
hadn'thad not
hasn'thas not
haven'thave not
he'dhe had; he would
he'llhe will
he'she is; he has
I'dI had; I would
I'llI will; I shall
I'mI am
I'veI have
isn'tis not
let'slet us
mightn'tmight not
mustn'tmust not
shan'tshall not
she'dshe had; she would
she'llshe will; she shall
she'sshe is; she has
shouldn'tshould not
that'sthat is; that has
there'sthere is; there has
they'dthey had; they would
they'llthey will; they shall
they'rethey are
they'vethey have
we'dwe had; we would
we'rewe are
we'vewe have
weren'twere not
what'llwhat will
what'rewhat are
what'swhat is; what has
what'vewhat have
where'swhere is; where has
who'dwho had; who would
who'llwho will; who shall
who'rewho are
who'swho is; who has
who'vewho have
won'twill not

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