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Olfactory (I)sensory - smell
Optic (II)sensory - vision
Oculomotor (III)motor - eyelid and eyeball movement
Trochlear (IV)motor - turns eye downward and laterally
Trigeminal (V)sensory and motor - chewing, facial skin touch and pain, mouth and mucosa of nose touch
Abducens (VI)motor - turns eye laterally
Facial (VII)sensory(and motor) - facial expressions, tears excretion, and saliva taste
Vestibulocochlear (VIII)sensory - hearing and equilibrium sensation
Glossopharyngeal (IX)sensory and motor - taste and senses carotid(artery)blood pressure
Vagus (X)sensory and motor - taste, senses aortic blood pressure, slows <3rate, and promotes digestion
Accessory (XI)motor - activates sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles, and swallowing
Hypoglossal (XII)sensory and motor - controls tongue impulses and movements

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