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Description of Diaper DermatitisInflamed skin found in the diaper area
Risk Factors for Diaper DermatitisProlonged contact with soiled/wet diapers Waterproof diapers Hot and humid climates Family hx of dermatitis Diarrhea Recent treatment with oral antibiotics
Assessment Findings for Diaper DermatitisIrritant Contact Dermatitis - Chapped skin, Rarely involves skin creases, Dusky red rash Candidal Diaper Rash - Bright beefy rash, Satellite lesions visible, Excoriated skin, Often involves skin creases Atopic Diaper Dermatitis - Excorated skin, Weeping/crusting lesions, Not usually in skin creases Seborrheic Dermatitis - Patches or plaques may be present, dusky red appearance, other sites of seborrheic dermatitis often present, usually found within skin creases
Diagnostic Studies for Diaper DermatitisUsually non indicated KOH preparation if possible fungal etiology
Nonpharmacologic Management of Diaper DermatitisLeave dermatitis open to air as much as possible Change diapers frequently Treat at earliest sign of rash Cleanse skin with mild soap, pat dry, allow to air dry as long as possible after cleansing Avoid waterproof diapers, waterproof pants
Pharmacologic Management of Diaper DermatitisZinc oxide to rash 3-4 times per day at first sign Antifungal cream for candidal diaper rash at each diaper change: clotrimazole cream, miconazole cream, econazole Low potency cortisone cream if moderate to severe inflammation present

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