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GroynesIt is a hard engineering coastal defense to stop long shore drift.
Sea Wallit is a hard engineering coastal defense to stop waves from eroding cliffs and sidewalks.
Beach NourishmentIt is a soft engineering coastal defense that resupplies beaches with more sand.
Hold The LineWhen coastal defenses are kept working as when they were new instead of replacing them with new ones.
Do NothingWhen the council agrees that it is too expensive or impossible to save the coast, so they 'do nothing'.
Managed RetreatLet the waves do their job to erode the coast line and move everyone out of the area.
CrustThe layer of the earth that we live on that is made up of rock.
MantleThe biggest layer of the earth that is made up of magma that is at 3000 degrees on average.
CoreThe layer in the middle of the earth that is mostly made up of iron and nickel that is at 5000 degrees Celsius.
Convection currentsHot magma rises up to the crust and cools, then sinks back down to the bottom of the mantle.
Convergent BoundariesWhere the oceanic and continental crust meet. the oceanic crust sinks into the mantle releasing CO2 and erupting a volcano.
Divergent BoundariesWhere two oceanic crust move away from each other letting magma rise creating a shield volcano underwater.
SubductionWhere oceanic crust sinks into the mantle.
Conservative BoundariesWhen two plates move in the same or opposite directions of each other causing earthquakes and no volcanoes.
ContinentalLand plates that we live on and that are light and do not sink.
OceanicThe plates in the ocean that are heavy and will sink.
VolcanoAn opening in the Earth's crust that releases lava onto the earth's crust.
MagmaMolten rock that moves around in convection currents in the mantle.
LavaMagma when it is on the Earth's crust.
ShieldA type of volcano that has a low viscosity and shaped like a shield.
Compositea volcano that erupts violently releasing a lot of ash and lava.
Acidic lavalava that is viscous and high in minerals.
Basaltic LavaIt melts very quickly and doesn't travel very far.
TourismPeople moving across the globe visiting places.
GeothermalThermal energy that is released from the mantle up through the crust.

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