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What are the four different types of aid?Emergency relief, bilateral aid, multilateral aid and non-government aid.
What is emergency relief aid and how does it improve global health and sustainable human development?Sends medicine, food and temporary shelter to an area experiencing disaster. Aid is delivered to repair, repatriate and fix local areas but does not provide long-term assistance. Removes disease and death risks that come from living in conditions effected by disasters and can also help to restore countries resources that can be used in the future.
What is bilateral aid and how does it improve global health and sustainable human development?Aid which is given from one government to another. It's often given for political or strategic reasons and is the most common type of aid. Helps to improve global health and SHD by helping countries build wells and dams so clean water is available, as well as educate locals on sustainable farming practices.
What is multilateral aid aid and how does it improve global health and sustainable human development?Aid that involves the government of a country giving money to a program such as WHO or UN, which is used to fund projects. Often uses education about food to reduce hunger and improve health and SHD.
What is non-government aid and how does it improve global health and sustainable human development?NGO's provide aid directly to the communities in which they are working in developing countries. Provide aid towards programs focusing on community development and participation, as well as targeting issues directly posing a threat to health. Also promote SHD through education.
Who is the United Nations and what are their four issues for promoting health and sustainable human development?The UN is a forum where all member states have the opportunity to voice their opinions and vote on global issues. The four issues are: Working for peace and security, humanitarian assistance, human rights and social and economic development.
What is meant by working for peace and security and what has been put into place to help achieve sustainable human development?Helps to prevent disputes from escalating into conflict and war. UN Peacekeepers maintain peace and security, promoting stability encouraging SHD and can help rebuild health care and education.
What is meant by humanitarian assistance and what has been put into place to help achieve sustainable human development?Provides emergency relief and long-term assistance on behalf of those affected by emergencies. World Food Programme helps to provide displaced families with a safe and nutritious food supply improving health.
What is meant by social and economic development and what has been put into place to help achieve sustainable human development?Aims to eradicate poverty by improving wellbeing around the world. The UN provides grants and programs such as MDG's that help to educate about and improve SHD.
What is meant by human rights and what has been put into place to help achieve sustainable human development?Rights that are inherent to a human being. The UN works to promote and protect these rights and the program UNICEF is put in place by the UN that guarantees child protection from harm, abuse and gives special provision for their access to healthcare and education.
Who is WHO and how many core functions do they have?WHO is the World Health Organisation and it is the UN's agency for promoting good health. WHO has 6 core functions.
What are the six WHO core functions?1. providing leadership on matters critical to health and engaging in partnership where action is needed. 2. Shaping the research agenda and stimulating the generation, translation and dissemination of valuable knowledge. 3. setting norms and standards promoting and monitoring their implementation. 4. articulating ethical and evidence-based policies. 5. providing technical support, catalyzing change and building sustainable institution capacity. 6. monitoring the health situation and assessing health trends.
Who is AusAID and what is their role in sustainable human development?AusAID manages Australia's international aid program which is funded by the federal government. It promotes ecologically sustainable development which aims to reduce poverty.
What are the AusAID aims?AusAID aims to: improve the economic financial management in governments. Help maximise the benefits form trade and new technology. Support government stability by improving vital services. Strengthen regional security by helping governments prevent conflict and increase stability. Promote sustainable approaches to environmental management of resources.
What is an example of an AusAID assistance and how it has improved sustainable human development.AusAID have assisted in the provision of clean drinking which has helped to improve SHD and health by providing a sustainable resource.
What is an example of sustainable human development and health assistance from AusAID?AusAID have worked to educate health workers to care for people living with HIV. This helps to improve the health of patients and pass on knowledge of care to future generations.
How do non-government organisations assist in sustainable human development and what are examples of these organisations?Australia's NGO's provide aid to both the country and overseas in the forms of emergency relief, advocacy, food security and provision of resources. Examples include OxFam, RedCross, CARE and World Vision.
In what ways do Australian non-government organisations contribute to sustainable human development?The NGO's run programs that focus on education which helps to create long-term sustainable programs and knowledge. They provide resources and support such as wells, safe water and food.

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