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Energy Conservation and Heat Transfer template

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ConductionThe direct transfer of heat between objects that touch
ConvectionThe transfer of heat as a result of the mixing of a liquid or a gas
RadiationThe transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves.
HeatThe transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another.
Electromagnetic WavesA temporary magnet made by passing electric current through a wire coiled around an iron bar
EnergyThe ability to cause changes in matter (work)
ConservationThe saving or protecting of resources
Potential EnergyThe energy an object has because of its place or its condition
Kinetic EnergyThe energy of motion, or energy in use
Mechanical EnergyThe energy an object has because it is moving or because of its position or state
Thermal EnergyAnother form of Kinetic Energy. It is the energy of atoms moving in an object.
Solar EnergyProvides most of the light and heat on earth
Electrical EnergyThe energy forms the movement of electrons
Nuclear EnergyThe energy stored in the nucleus, or central part of the atom.
Chemical EnergyThe energy given off during a chemical reaction. Gasoline has chemical energy.

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