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ENERGYThe ability to cause changes in matter
FORCEA push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction (ex. when force is applied to a guitar string, the resulting vibration produces sound)
RELFLECTIONThe light energy that bounces off objects.
REFRACTIONThe bending of light rays when they pass through a subtance.
HEATThe movement of thermal energy from one place to another
FLOWA smooth steady movement of liquid, gas, or electricity
ELECTRICITYThe flow of electrical power of charge through a circuit.
SOLAR ENERGYThe energy of sunligh (it drives the water cycle)
SOUNDEnergy caused by a vibrating object.
PHYCICAL PROPERTIESProperties that can be observed, measured, or changed.
MAGNETISMThe force of attraction or repulsion some materials have on other materials.
CONDUCTORA material that allows energy to pass through.
INSULATORa material that blocks energy from moving through.
ELECTIC CIRCUITA complet pathway of conductors that allows electricity to flow through it.
CIRCUITA system with many parts.
MIXTUREA combination of two or more substances that do not chemically change.
SOUTIONA liquid mixture in which the particles of each substance are evenly mixed (like sugar dissolving into water
MATTERAnything that has mass and take up space.
MASSThe amount of matter in something.
DENSITYThe concentration fo matter in an object; tightly or loosely packed.

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