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ErosionWhen something slowly gets worn off like rocks in a river.
Hydraulic ActionA type of erosion that happens when water erodes the side of the river transporting the sediment down the river.
AttritionA type of erosion rocks smash into each other creating smaller rocks that continue the cycle.
AbrasionA form of erosion in a river where rocks gring along each other creating very small pieces of sediment where it is transported down the river.
SolutionWhere rocks like limestone slowly dissolve into the water to make very, very small pieces of sediment.
ArchAn arch that is created when waves smash into the back of a cave to make their way through.
StackA rock that has been deposited out at sea from the rock that was underneath the arch.
StumpA stack that has been eroded away from waves.
CaveHydraulic action has eroded the weaker bits of a cliff and caved it in to make a cave.
Longshore DriftWaves hitting a beach at an angle than back at a 90 degree angle carrying sediment as it goes along.
BarsWhere a spit grows across a bay and maybe enclose it to make a lagoon.
SpitsA narrow line of sand that has been created by longshore drift that is connected to the land on one end but not the other.
BeachesWhere sand has been deposited on land.
TombolosA spit that has been connected to an island from the mainland.
Hard EngineeringTechniques that protect a cliffside or beach from the power of waves to avoid erosion.
Soft EngineeringWhere a shoreline is being protected with an environmental approach like putting more sand on a beach.

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