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What is another name for the female egg?Ovum
There are two kinds of what in the human reproductive process?Sex cells
What are the two sex cells involved in the human reproductive process?Sperm and the egg
What are the 3 stages of a baby after an egg is fertilized by sperm?1. Zygote 2. Embryo 3. Fetus
How do humans pass on characteristics to the next generation?Genes
Who carries the special human traits?Parents
Parents pass along human traits to their?Children
Human traits are what make children similar or ___?Unique
Unlike the male, the female has ___?A reproductive system
The external part of the female reproductive organs is called the ___, which means covering?Vulva
The vulva covers the opening to the ____ located between the legs?Vagina
What are the 2 pairs of skin flaps called that surround the vaginal opening?Labia
What is the name of the small sensory organ located toward the front of the vulva?Clitoris
What is located between the labia and the vagina used to carry urine from the bladder to outside the body?Urethra
What are the female's internal reproductive organs?Vagina, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries
How long is the vagina in a grown woman?3-5 inches long
What are the functions of the vagina?1. Sexual Intercourse 2. Pathway for a baby during childbirth 3. For menstrual blood to leave the body from the uterus
What is the thin sheet of tissue with one or more holes that partially covers the opening of the vagina?Hymen
What does the vagina connect with at the cervix?Uterus
What is another name for the womb?Uterus
The cervix can do what to allow a baby to pass?Expand

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