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Hortative SentenceAn urging/strongly encouraging sentence
Periodic SentenceSentence whose main clause/thought is witheld until the end
EpigraphA quotation, phrase, or other saying given at the beginning of a text
EuphemismA more acceptable way of saying something that might otherwise be uncomfortable
PolysyndetonDeliberate use of a series of conjunctions
AsyndetonLeaving out of conjunctions
AntithesisParallel structure that juxtaposes contrasting ideas
Antimetabolerepetition of identical words in reverse order
PolemicAn argument against an idea, usually regarding philosophy
SyllogismPremise followed by claim
EnthymemeGives claim and then reason
DegreeThe amount, level, or extent to which something happens or is present
PrecedentComparison of one argument to a past one (Law and Order)
ApostropheThe address of a person not present
AntonomasiaUse of title or description in place of name
Warrantthe logical and persuasive connection between a claim and the reason
Qualifiera word or phrase that places limits on claims
Deductive ReasoningConclusion comes from assumptions
Inductive ReasoningSpecific premises to a conclusion
Operation DefinitionAn everyday definition, informal
Definition by ExampleClassifying using a list of characteristics
MetonymyA figure of speech in which a representative or symbolic term is used for a different thing
SynecdocheA figure of speech in which an aspect or a part of something is used to represent a larger whole

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