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ForceA push or pull that can cause the motion of an object to change. It had two important properties: strength and direction.
Balanced ForceWhen two equal forces act in opposite directions. The results is that the forces are balanced and there is no motion.
MotionThe process of moving or changing position.
Unbalanced forceWhen one force is stronger than the other. The result is motion.
StrengthThe amount of force that is applied to an object
GravityA force that attracts objects towards the Earth. "What goes up, must come down"
PendulumA weight on a string that hangs from a single point. It swings and creates a pattern of motion.
Patterna series of repeating events
Patterns of MotionWhen a moving object makes the same pattern again and again.
OutcomeThe result of tests after we make predictions.
FrictionThe force resisting motion. It slows things down.
InertiaObjects in motion will keep moving at the same velocity and objects at rest will stay at rest unless a force changes their motion. Heavier objects have more inertia.
VelocityAn object's speed and direction

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