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AristocracyHereditary ruling class or nobility, a form of oligarchy
TheocracyReligious leaders control the government relying on religious law and consult with religious leaders
AutocracyRules with unlimited power
MonarchyRuling family made by a king or Queen limited or constitutional limited to the constitution or laws of the nation
TotalitarianismGovernment controls every aspect of public and private life
OligarchyA few persons or a small group
FeudalismKing allows nobles to use land in exchange for their loyalty
RepublicRepresentatives ruling by citizens who voted
Military StateMilitary rules supported by the power of armed forces
FederalismPowers that are divided among federal, national, Government and a number of states government
DemocracyCitizens holding a political power directly or through representatives. Direct political decisions. Representative, Democracy, the citizens rule through elected representatives
ParliamentaryLegislative, Executive: functions are combined to a Parliament

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