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Popular SovereigntyPrinciple of government that all political power comes from the people
FederalismSystem of government that balances powers by distributing them between one central (National) and many regional governments (states)
Amendmentadditions, changes, or corrections to a constitution
Bill of RightsGovernment document that outlines the civil liberties, or individual, that a government promises to protect
Executive BranchBranch of government that enforces, or carries out the law.
Judicial BranchBranch of government in which courts decide legal cases and interpret laws.
Legislative BranchBranch of government that makes the laws.
Checks and BalancesGovernmental arrangement made by which each government has the power to check, or restrict, the power of the other branches.
RepublicanismGovernment in which authority comes from the people and power is exercised by elected officials according to a set of laws.
Billa proposed law.
Separation of PowersPrinciple of government in which powers are divided among different government branches.
Limited GovernmentPrinciple of government in which power is limited by set laws, such as those in a constitution.

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