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Aphroditegoddess of love and beauty
Apollogod of truth, light and understanding
Aresgod of war; son of Zeus and Hera
Artemisvirgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and animals
Athenagoddess of wisdom, arts, crafts and war
Cronusruler of the Titans
Demetergoddess of grain and fruit
Dionysusgod of wine and parties
Erosgod of love; son Aphrodite
Hadesgod of the underworld
Hephaestusgod of fire and metalworking
HeraQueen of the gods, protector of women and marriage
Hermesmessenger of the gods
Hestiagoddess of the home and cooking
Persephonegoddess of spring and underworld; daughter of Demeter
Poseidongod of the sea
ZeusKing of the gods, ruler of the sky and the weather

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