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The liquid part of the blood is calledplasma
The medical term for the blood cells that are necessary for blood clotting is:thrombocytes
RBC's are darker red when they are filled with:CO2
Which one is the heart chamber to first receive blood from the body's tissues?right atrium
The large veins which return blood to the heart after the blood has circulated throughout the body are:the superior and inferior vena cava
The pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated blood from the:R ventricle to the lungs
Medical term for a blood clotThrombus
Blood cells that help transport O2 to the body's tissueserythrocytes
Defect in a heart valvemurmur
Slow heart rate <60 bpmbradycardia
Recording of the electrical activity of the heartEKG
Localized mass of bloodhematoma
Medical term that means a decrease in number of WBC'sleukopenia
Medical term that means an increase in number of WBC'sleukocytosis
Condition where there is a decreased number of RBC'sanemia
Process of blood clottingcoagulation
Blood cells that protect the body against disease and infectionleukocytes
Fast heart rate >100bpmtachycardia
The heart is located in the _________cavitythoracic
The SA node is called the ______ of the heartpacemaker
The second heart sound is _________and is caused by the closure of the _______valves.dupp, semilunar valves
The first heart sound is ___ and is caused by closure of the __ valveslubb, tricuspid and mitral valves
What is erythropoiesis?Development of RBC's
In what two main areas of the body does Erythropoiesis?Red bone marrow and lymphatic tissue
What is the myocardium?cardiac muscle tissue
What artery supplies blood to the myocardium?coronary arteries

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