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What is the similarity between the terms weed and invasive plant?Both are plants growing in unwanted areas.
What is different between the definitions of weed and invasive plant?A weed is a plant growing in an unwanted area. An invasive plant is a plant growing, reproducing and sustaining outside its natural range and creating a new range.
List 5 control methods that may be coordinated into an integrated pest management (IPM) program.Chemical, Mechanical, Biological, Preventative, Cultural.
Name three plant lists that have legislative authority.Federal Noxious Weed List, FL Noxious Weed List, FLEPPC List
What is the best method to obtain a positive identification on a new weed species and provide a record of its occurrence?Technical plant ID books, Completing a Field Reporting Form on FLEPPC website.
Difference between polar (salts) and non-polar (esters) herbicides?Polar herbicides (salts) dissolve in water. Non-polar (esters) herbicides dissolve in oil.
List 2 Non-polar (esters) herbicide active ingredients:2-4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and butoxyethyl ester.
List 5 polar herbicide active ingredients:Codeine, ammonia, acetaminophen, caffeine, and nicotein.
What is the name of the outer layer of a leaf that herbicide must pass through?Epidermis
What are three components of the epidermis layer?Wax cuticle, cell wall, plasma membrane
What is the term that describes the most important factor that affects herbicide uptake from soils?Adsorption
What is the term that is used to describe uptake of herbicides by plant roots?Absorption
Layers of a woody (dicot) plant stem?Epidermis, active xylem which includes cambium and phloem, then lignified xylem (inactive).
List four plant process that are affected by herbicides (modes of action)Photosynthesis, Tissue development, Protein synthesis, Auxin interference.
Herbicides with which mode of action require additional record keeping under Florida Pesticide Law (core training)?Auxin regulators
What is the term used for a herbicide that can be use for broadcast application and kill a target weed and not certain non-target plants that it comes in contact with?Non-selective
List three application methods that can be used to selectivity control target vegetation.Basal bark, stump treatments, hack and squirt
List 5 methods to reduce drift.Don't spray on windy conditions, Don't spray into the wind, Don't spray when raining, Spray accurately, Spray til wet.
List five factors that adversely affect herbicide activity.Drought, temp, rainfall, wind, growth stage.
List 4 ways in which herbicides can disappear from soil.Adsorb, react with other substances in soil, metabolized by soil organisms, heavy rainfall can leach herbicide out of root zone.
List 5 ways in which herbicides may be deactivated once absorbed by plants?Adsorbed to internal plant surfaces (cell walls), hydrolyzed, biochemically altered, photolysis, precipitated as insoluble compounds.
List two circumstances under which a broadcast herbicide application may be used.Native species are absent or selective herbicide is being used.
What characteristic do all herbicides that are used for basal bark application have in common?Oil-soluble formation
How quickly after felling a tree should herbicide be applied to the stump to optimize control?Immediately
What must be listed on a herbicide label so that it can be legally applied to a particular site?Instructions for storage and disposal, use of the product, and precautions for the user and the environment
What state agency should you contact for legal interpretation of label instructions?Special Local Need (SLN)
What state agency issues permits for control of aquatic plants?FWC
What must the applicator have when applying herbicide to control an invasive plant on a site that is allowed by Special Local Need registration (SLN)?A visible permit
Which herbicides are likely to be absorbed by plant roots?2,4-D, Imazapyr, Triclopyr, Hexazinone, Metsulfuro.
Herbicide types of Mode of action- Auxin interference?Triclopyr, 2,4-D
Herbicide types of Mode of action-Amino acid (protein) syntheses inhibitorMetsulfuron, Imazapyr, Glyphosate
Herbicide types of Mode of action- Photosynthesis inhibitorHexazinone
Which herbicides are likely to leach?2,4-D, Imazapyr, Triclopyr, Hexazinone, Metsulfuron.
Which herbicide has the greatest persistence?Imazapyr 25-142 half-life days
Who does the "Worker Protection Standard" (WPS) pertain to?The applicator
Why is diesel fuel NOT recommended as a herbicide diluent for use in natural areas?It contains toxic additives.
List two types of surfactants and how they modify performance of a herbicide solution applied to a leaf surface?Spreaders: Increase area that a droplet of spray mixture will cover. Penetrants: Enhance ability of an agrichemical to enter a substance or penetrate a leaf.
3 ways that the use of colorants can be helpful to a herbicide application?See what you sprayed, see how much herbicide is left, see efficiency of limiting herbicide contact with non-targets.

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