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1. Nemean Lion- Heracles had to bring back the skin of a lion. Killed it using its own claws and with a club.
2. Lernaean HydraSerpent that had 9 heads (9th one was immortal). More heads grew when cut and a crab appeared. He killed the crab and Iolaus prevented the growth with a burning brand (wood) on the head.
3. Cerynean HindThe hind had golden horns that were sacred to Artemis. Heracles caught it at the river of Ladon and carried it back.
4. Erymanthian BoarA destructive animal that had to be brought back alive.
5. Augean StablesHeracles had to clean the cattle stable of Augea, son of Helius. He diverted the rivers Alpheus and Peneus. Side labor he instituted the Olympic Games.
6. Stymphalian BirdsHeracles was required to shoot these bird creatures. Athena gave him brazen castanets (curved music instrument)
7. Cretan BullMinos' bird that was supposed to be sacrificed to Poseidon. Heracles caught it.
8. Mares of DiomedesHeracles went to take Diomedes' flesh eating mares by feeding them Diomedes' blood.
9. Girdle of HippolytaHeracles was sent to fetch the girdle (belt) of Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons). He killed her and took the girdle.
10.The Cattle of Geryon[first conquest of death] Heracles was sent to get the cattle of Geryon. Geryon is a three-bodied monster. Helius helped him by giving him a golden cup to sail the river of ocean. Killed Geryon and sailed back with the cattle to Greece. Returned the cup to Helius.
11. Apples of the HesperidesHeracles had to find the garden with the apples of Hesperides first by consulting Nereus (sea-god). The apples were a wedding gift to Hera. He killed the serpent Ladon protecting the apples
12. CerberusFinal labor is to fetch Cerberus (the three-headed hound of Hades). Needed aid of Hermes and Athena.

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