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EpinephrineHormone secreted by adrenal medulla; acts as cardiac stimulant
CalcitoninHormone secreted by thyroid that helps to maintain normal blood levels of calcium & phosphorus
EstrogenHormone secreted by ovaries
ThyroidGland that regulates body metabolism
ProlactinHormone secreted from anterior pituitary that starts & maintains milk production
InsulinSecretion of this hormone is stimulated by hyperglycemia
NorepinephrineHormone secreted by adrenal medulla; raises BP
HyperglycemiaIncreased blood glucose levels
HypoglycemiaDecreased blood glucose levels
GlucagonSecretion of this hormone is stimulated by hypoglycemia
OxytocinHormone that stimulates uterine contractions & stimulates milk release with breastfeeding
AldosteroneHormone secreted by adrenal cortex; maintains normal blood levels of sodium & potassium
TestosteroneHormone secreted by testes
What are the regulating systems for the body? (2)Nervous System and Endocrine System
What are the functions of the Endocrine System1)Exert chemical controls over body to maintain homeostasis 2)Helps regulate growth and development 3)Use foods to produce energy, stress resistance, balance of body fluids and reproduction
Target OrgansSpecific tissues/organs different hormones have an effect on
Do hormones control the external or internal environment?Internal environment to maintain homeostasis
What are the 3 groups of Hormones?Amine, Proteins, Steroids

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