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tonsillotomyincision or removal of part of a tonsil
arteriospasmspasm of an artery
splenodyniapain in the spleen
angiograma roentgenogram of blood vessels filled with a contrast medium
cardiovalvulitisinflammation of the heart valves
cardiomegalyenlargement of the heart; cardiac hypertrophy
pericarditisinflammation of the pericardium
periaorticaround the aorta
cardiomyopathydisease of the myocardium
pericardiotomyincision of the pericardium
phlebostaisstoppage or slowing of the flow of blood in a vein
valvulitisinflammation of the heart valves
arteriolonecrosisnecrosis of arterioles
splenitisinflammation of the spleen
tonsillarpertaining to a tonsil
arterioloscleroticpertaining to or characterized by arteriolosclerosis
lymphangitisinflammation of lymphatic vessels
lymphopoiesisthe formation or development of lymphatic tissue
cardiorrhaphysuture or repair of the heart
lymphangioplastysurgical restoration or replacement of damaged lymph vessels
phleborrhexisrupture of a vein
splenomegalyenlargement of the spleen
myocardialpertaining to the myocardium
atheronecrosisdegeneration occurring in atherosclerosis
thymitisinflammation of the thymus gland
thrombosisthe formation or presence of a thrombus
thrombosedoccluded by a thrombus
lymphangiosarcomaa malignant tumor of lymphatic vessels
arteriorrhexisrupture of an artery
ventriculographyroentgerography of a heart ventricle after injection of a contrast medium
vasodilationdilation of a vessel, especially arterioles
pericardiectomyexcision of the pericardium
venosclerosishardening and thickening of the wall of a vein
thymopathyany disease of the thymus gland
myocardiolysislocal necrosis of myocardial fibers due to arterial obstruction
vasoactivehaving an effect on the caliber of a vessel
valvulotomyincision of a valve/also called valvolotomy
thymomaa tumor originating in the thymus gland
vasospasmspasm of blood vessels
venomotorpertaining to constriction or dilation of vessels
aortitisinflammation of the aorta
varicophlebitisvaricose veins with inflammation
atriocommissuropexysurgical fixation of the mitral valve for correction of mitral insufficiency
vascularitythe condition of being vascular
atherosclerosisa common form of arteriosclerosis in which deposits of plaque from within the walls of large arteries
lymphangiographyroentgenography of lymphatic vessels following administration of a contrast medium
arteriosclerosisthickening and hardening of the walls of arteries
splenopexysurgical fixation of a movable spleen
lymphadenectasisenlargement of a lymph node
biventricularpertaining to both ventricles
intraventricularwithin a ventricle
thymectomyremoval of the thymus gland
lymphangiectomyexcision of a lymphatic vessel
lymphadenitisinflammation of a lymph node
phlebotomyincision of a vein, particularly to extract blood, such as would be performed by a phlebotomist
atherogeneisithe formation of athheromatous (A*T/ROEM/TOUS) lesions in the arterial walls
angioplastyballoon catheter dilation; surgical reconstruction of blood vessels
supraventricularsituated above a ventricle, as in an atrium or atrioventricular node
lymphoidectomyexcision of lymphoid tissue (e.g., adenoids, tonsils)
phlebectasiadilation of a vein; a varix
ventriculotomyincision of a ventricle
lymphadenopathydisease of the lymph nodes
lymphopathyany disease of the lymphatic system
angiospasmthe spasmodic contraction of blood vessels
myocarditisinflammation of the myocardium
vasoconstrictionconstriction of a blood vessel, especially arterioles
lymphadenotomyincision of a lymph node
tachycardiaexcessive rapidity of heart action (usually over 100 beats per minute)
cardiovascularpertaining to the heart and blood vessels
valvulotomean instrument used for cutting a valve
tonsillitisinflammation of the tonsils
aortotomyincision of the aorta
lymphedemaswelling of tissue due to lymph blockage
atriocommissurotomysurgical correction of stenoic (tight) mitral valve
atrioventricularpertaining to an atrium and ventricle
pericardiopleuralpertaining to the pericardium and the pleura
interatrialsituated between the atria of the heart
aorticopulmonarypertaining to the aorta and the pulmonary artery
atheromaa mass of plaque of degenerated arterial intima occurring in atherosclerosis
myocariorrhaphysuture of a defect or wound of the myocardium
arteriolitisinflammation of arterioles
venisectionincision of a vein, particularly to extract blood (another name for phlebotomy)
vasculitisinflammation of a vessel
varicosean unnatural and distended condition of a vein
valvuloplastysurgery on a heart valve
thrombophlebitisinflammation of a vein associated with thrombus formation
atrioseptotomyincision of atrial septum, often done by a balloon catheter
vasopermeabilitypermeability of a blood vessel
tonsillopathydisease of the tonsils
thrombogenesisthe formation of blood clots
angiocardiographychest x-ray to show dimensions of heart and large blood vessels following injection of dye into the blood stream
venotomyincision of vein, particularly to extract blood (another name for phlebotomy)
myocardiopathynoninflammatory disease of the myocardium
arteriolosclerosishardening and thickening of the arteriole walls
phlebitisinflammation of a vein
arteriolarpertaining to arterioles
varicositya varicose condition of the veins
endarteritisinflammation of the tunica intima of an artery
venipuncturepuncture of a vein
tonsillectomyexcision of the tonsils
angiostenosisnarrowing of a blood vessel
pericardiorrhaphysuture of a defect or wound of the pericardium
atheroembolusan embolus made up of cholesterol or fragments of atheromatous plaques
hemoptysisexpectoration of blood or blood-stained septum
myeloblastan immature cell found in bone marrow which eventually matures into a granular leukocyte
myelopoiesisformation of bone marrow or cells that arise from bone marrow
immunosuppressionthe suppression or prevention of the immune response
seroimmunityimmunity effected by antiserum (a serum that contains one or more antibodies; passive immunity
erythroblastosisthe presence of erythroblasts (the immature cells from which red corpuscles develop) in circulating blood
seronegativeshowing a lack of antibody on serological examination
leukocytotherapytreatment by the administration of leukocytes
hematomaa localized collection of blood (usually clotted) in an organ, space, or tissue due to a break in a blood vessel wall
polycythemiaan increase in total red cell mass in blood
thrombogenesisformation of blood clots
hemostatisstoppage of bleeding, either by vasoconstriction and coagulation or by surgical means
plasmomaa tumor comprised of plasma cells; plasmacytoma
plasmocytea plasma cell
hemolysisseparation of hemoglobin from red blood cells
hemotologythe study of the morphology of blood and blood-forming tissues
leukemiaa malignant blood disease of blood-forming organs in which there is a proliferation and development of leukocytes and their precursors in the blood and bone marrow
myeloplasta leukocyte of the bone marrow
thrombophlebitisinflammation of a vein associated with thrombus formation
sanguinopurulentcontaining blood and pus
hematocritthe volumee percentage of erythrocytes in blood
hemaruriablood in urine
lymphocytorrhexisthe rupture of lymphocytes
leukopeniaa deficiency of leukocytes in the blood
sanguifacientpertaining to the formation of blood cells; hematopoietic
resanguinatethe restoration of blood flow following ligation
immunoincompetentlacking the ability to develop an immune response to antigen(s)
erythropoiesesthe production of erythrocytes
anemiaan abnormal reduction in the number of erythrocytes, quantity of hemoglobin, or volume packed red cells in blood due to disruption of the equilibrium between blood loss and blood production
sanguineouspertaining to blood
serotherapythe treatment of disease by administration of blood serum from immune individuals
erythrokatalysisthe dissolution of erythrocytes
seropositiveshowing a high level of antibody on serological examination
seroresistantshowing a seropositive reaction to a pathogen after serotherapy
erythrocythemiaan increased number of erythrocytes in blood
erythropeniaerythrocytopenia a deficiency of erythrocytes in the blood
sanguimotorpertaining to blood circulation
leukocytogenesisthe formation of leukocytes
hemophiliaa hereditary hemorrhagic blood disease affecting males in wich the blood is deficient in a coagulating factor
plasmacytomaa neoplasm of plasma cells
myelosuppressiveinhibiting bone marrow activity, resulting in a decreased production of blood cells and platelets
hyperproteinemiaexcessive amound of protein in blood
lymphocytopeniaa reduced number of lymphocytes in the blood
bilirubinemiathe presence of bilirubin (BIL/RAOU/BIN, a bile pigment) in the blood
lymphoblastimmature precursor of the lymphocyte
immunoenhancementthe process of increasing the level of immune response by various means
lymphocytosisan excess of normal lymphocytes in the blood
myelocythemiaan excessive amount of myelocytes in the blood
hematopoieticpertaining to, effecting, or promoting the formation of blood cells
immunogenicproducing immunity or an immune response
lymphocytopoiesisthe development of lymphocytes
thrombosisthe formation or presence of a thrombus
bacterimiapresence of bacteria in blood
thrombocytosisan increase in the number of platelets in the peripheral blood
plasmatherapytherapeutic use of blood plasma
thrombocytopeniaa decrease in the number of blood platelets
plasmapheresisthe extraction of plasma from withdrawn blood, with the formed elements returned to the donor
immunoassaya determination of antigenic substances by serological means (e.g., radioimmunoassay, immunofluorescent techniques, etc.)
leukokinesisthe movement of leukocytes within the circulatory system

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