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Invertebrateanimals with no backbone.
Arthropodinvertebrates that have external skeletons, jointed appendages, and segmented bodies.
ExoskeletonA strong, lightweight outer skeleton made mostly of protein and chitin that provides the arthropod with protection, strength and support.
ChitinA tough material that help make up an arthropod's external skeleton.
Antennaehelps insect feel, hear, and taste.
Spiraclestiny openings in the insect's abdomen through which air enters the breathing tubes.
Metamorphosischange in form
Complete Metamorphosisgoing through each stage: egg, larva, pupa, adult
Incomplete metamorphosisA type of metamorphosis that goes through these stages: egg, nymph, adult.
MoltWhen an insect sheds is exoskeleton during growth.
EntomologistScientist who studies insects
NocturnalActive at night
Arachnidsspider, harvestman, scorpions, ticks, and mites
CephalothoraxThe body region of a spider that is like a head and thorax combined.
SetaeSensitive hairs found on a spider's body that give the spider its sense of touch.
Book Lungthe breathing organ of a spider; made up of several thin sheets of tissue filled with blood vessels
BallooningThe method by which young spiders sail through the air on silk strands that carry them away from their place of birth.
SpinneretsTubelike structures in a spider's abdomen that the spider uses to make silk threads.
The Classification System1. Kingdom (animals) 2. Phylum (vertebrates) 3. Class (mammals) 4. Order (Carnivores) 5. Family (felids) 6. Genus (felis) 7. Species (catus)
OrthopteraStraight wings
ColeopteraSheath wings
HomopteraSame wings
HymenopteraMembrane wing
LepidopterScale wings
HemipteraHalf wing
DipteraTwo wings
PlanktonMicroscopic plants and animals
RegenerationReplacement of lost body parts.
CentipedeOne-hundred footed
MillipedeOne-thousand footed
CellSmallest living unit in any living organism
3 main parts of plant and animal cells1. Cell membrane - surrounds cell and protects it. 2. Cytoplasm - jellylike fluid that fills the cell. 3. Nucleus - located in the center of the cell. Directs the work of the cell.

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