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This set includes the following cards:
BuCounting magazines and papers.
ByoCounting seconds
DaiCounting Vehicles:cars, appliances,etc.
Fun/PunCounting minutes
Gatsu/TsukiCounting months of the year.
Hai/PaiCounting glasses,open bowls of liquids
HikiCounting small animals:cats,insects, etc.
Kocounting small objects: apple,balls,erasers
MaiCounting flat objects
MenCounting boards, walls, or computer game stages
NinCounting people
Pon/HonCounter to count long,slender objects
SaiYears of age
SatsuCounting people
SoCounting Boats
SokuCounting socks,shoes,soles,ect.
ToCounting large animals:lions, elephants,ect.
TsubuCounting grains,seeds,rice,ect.
Wacounting birds

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