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Employment agencyAn organization that assists firms in recruiting employees and also aids individuals in their attempts to locate jobs
Virtual job fairA recruitment method in which individuals meet recruiters face to face in interviews conducted over special computers that transmit head-and-shoulder images of both parties
Special eventsA recruitment method that involves an effort on the part of a single employer or group of employers to attract a large number of applicants for interviews
RecruitingThe process of developing a pool of qualified applicants who are interested in working for the organization and from which the organization might reasonably select the best individual or individuals to hire for employment
Executive search firmsOrganizations retained by a company to search for the most qualified executive available for a specific position
Internal recruitingThe process of looking inside the organization for existing qualified employees who might be promoted to higher-level positions.
External recruitingThe process of looking to sources outside the organization for prospective employees
Job postingA mechanism for internal recruiting in which vacancies in the organization are publicized through various media such as company newsletters, bulletin boards, internal memos, and the firm's intranet.
General labor poolThe local labor market from which a firm hires its employees
ReferralAn individual who is prompted to apply for a position by someone within the organization
Direct applicantsIndividuals who apply for a position with the organization without any action on the part of the organization
Word-of-mouth recruitingWhen the organization simply informs present employees that positions are available and encourages them to refer friends, family members, or neighbors for those jobs
HeadhunterAn individual working for an executive search firm that seeks out qualified individuals for higher-level positions
Realistic job previewAn effective technique for ensuring that job seekers understand the actual nature of the jobs available to them
InterviewsFace-to-face conversations between prospective job applicants and representatives of the organization
Assessment centerAn approach to selecting managers based on measuring and evaluating their ability to perform critical work behaviors
ExtroversionA factor that addresses the degree to which the person requires attention from others and social interaction
AgreeablenessWhether a person requires pleasant and harmonious relations with others or not
ConscientiousnessA factor that addresses the degree to which a person is willing to comply with conventional rules and standards
Emotional StabilityA factor that characterizes the degree to which the person experiences the world as threatening and beyond his or her control
Openness to ExperienceA factor that characterizes the degree to which the person needs change, variety, and intellectual stimulation
Skill InventoryA tool that facilitates the identification of junior managers who are ready for new and challenging roles
Job RotationA method in which managers gain both a companywide perspective and the opportunity to display talent to senior managers
Job-bases PayWhen the employee's pay is primarily based on the particular job
Competency-Based PayWhen employees are given pay increases as they acquire additional skills or competencies, not as they move to a job in a higher pay range
Market PricingDetermines pay ranges based directly on rates paid in the external market.
Job Evaluationis a systematic technique for determining the relative worth or value of jobs to the firm in order to establish pay differentials.
RankJobs evaluated on the bases of their relative value
Compensable FactorsQualities such as level of skill, education attained, responsibility, or required working conditions
Physical demandMeasures and compares application, endurance, fatigue, and strength under normal or abnormal conditions
Working conditionsThe variety of disagreeable factors present and the degree and extent of exposure to such disagreeable factors
Experience and TrainingThe time required by the worker to learn how to do the job, or the experience necessary to perform the job competently
Complexity of DutiesInvolves frequency, importance, and diversity of contacts with other people in the performance of the job
Responsibility for Equipment and/or ToolsMeasures the degree of responsibility placed on the worker to prevent loss of or damage to equipment and/or tools
BroadbandingThe movement toward a small number of "fat" pay grades.
Add-on PayA system in which the firm pays employees base pay and then shares gains (from increased profits or reduced costs) with employees
Pay at RiskPay-for-performance mechanisms
Situational QuestionThe type of question asked in a situational interview; they seek to determine how the candidate will react when faced with a specific work situation
Discriminatory QuestionsThese are questions that are not allowed during an interview; they include questions asking about: housing status, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, arrest records, or memberships in organizations

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