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The name of our state isKansas.
The capital of Kansas isTopeka.
The name of our city isLawrence.
The name of our county isDouglas.
The name of our country isthe United States of America.
The name of our continent isNorth America.
The state flower is thesunflower.
The state bird is thewestern meadowlark.
The state animal is thebuffalo.
The state tree is thecottonwood.
The state insect is thehoney bee.
The state reptile is theornate box turtle.
The state song isHome on the Range
The highest elevation in Kansas isMount Sunflower 4,039 feet
Rivers in Kansas floweast and southeast.
The largest lake in Kansas isMilford Lake.
Kansas is named after theKansa or Kaw Indians.
The word Kansas meanspeople of the south wind.
Kansas became a state onJanuary 29, 1861.
Kansas is152 years old.
Kansas was the34th state.
The governor of Kansas isSam Brownback.
The first governor of Kansas wasCharles Robinson.
Abilene, Kansas is home to the library and museum ofPresident Dwight Eisenhower.
Who fought to make Kansas free?Jayhawkers.
The president of the United States isBarack Obama.
The mayor of Lawrence isBob Schumm.

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