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BasinAn area that is lower than surrounding land areas: some basins are filled with water.
BayA body of water that is partly surrounded by land and is connected to a larger body of water.
ButteA small, high, flat-topped landform with cliff like sides.
CanalAn artificial waterway used for irrigation or travel.
CanyonA deep, narrow valley with steep sides; often with a stream flowing through it.
CataractA large waterfall or steep rapids.
DeltaA plain at the mouth of a river, often triangular in shape, formed where sediment is deposited by flowing water.
DessertDry areas of land, desolate, waterless, and without vegetation.
ElevationFlood Plain
The height above or below seas level.A broad plain on either side of a river, formed where sediment settles during flood
GlacierA Huge, Slow-Moving mass of snow and ice.
GulfAn area of a sea or ocean partially enclosed by land, larger than a bay.
HillAn area that rises above surrounding land and has a rounded top; lower and usually less steep than a mountain.
IslandAn area of land completely surrounded by water.
IsthmusA narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas of land.
LakeA body of water completely surrounded by land.
MesaA high, flat-topped land-form with cliff-like sides; larger than a butte.
MountainA landform that rises steeply at least 2,000 feet above surrounding land, usually wide at the bottom and rising to a narrow peak or ridge.
Mountain PassLarge continuous body of salt water.
OceanLarge continuous body of salt water.
PeninsulaAn area of land almost completely surrounded by water but connected to the mainland.
PlainA large area of flat or gently rolling land
PlateauA large flat area that rises above surrounding land; at least one side has a steep slope
RiverA stream of water of considerable volume.
River MouthThe point where a river enters a lake or sea.
SeaA body of salt water surrounded almost entirely by land.
StraitA narrow stretch of water that connects two larger bodies of water.
TributaryA river or stream that flows into a larger river.
ValleyA low stretch of land between mountains or hills; land that is drained by a river.
VolcanoAn opening in Earth's surface through which molten rock, ashes, and gases escape from the interior.

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