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onomatopoeiawords that imitate the sound they are naming -ex. buzz, crash
alliterationconstant sounds repeated at the beginning of the story ex - peter piper
consonancesimilar to alliteration except the repated consonant sounds can be anywhere ex. - uncertain, rustling
assonancerepeated vowel sounds in a line or lines of poetry (often creates near rhyme ex lake, fate, base
personificationan animal given human-like qualities or an object given life-like qualities - ex. the sea moaned
refraina sound, word, prhase, or line repeated regularly in a poem
imagerylanguages that appeals to the senses. Most are visual - but also can be sound, touch, taste, or smell
symbolismwhen a person, place, thing or event that has meaning in itself also represents. or stands for something else. ex. state bird = america
allusioncomes from the verb allude which means to refer to. It is a reference to something famous or well known.
parodyimitation of a poem or another poet's style of comic effect, spoof
punplay on words ex an elephants opinion holds a lot of weight
oxymoronfigure of speech that is a combo of contradictory words ex. jumbo shrimp
similecomparison using like or as
metaphora direct comparison of two unlike things
hyperbolean exaggeration used for emphasis
litotesunderstatement - opposite of hyperbole, often ironic
idioman expression where theliteral meaning of the words is not the meaing of the expression. It means something other than what it actually says. ex Raining cats and dogs

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