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FictionLiterature that tells about author created people, places or events
Non-fictionWriting that tells about real and true people, places and events. Ex. Biography, autobiography, instructional text
BiographyA true account of someone's life
AutobiographyA true account of someone's life, authored by that person
PoetryLiterature that often uses fewer, more powerful words to express ideas, images, or feelings. The language is often figurative, imaginative, and rhythmic. There are many styles of poetry, including rhymes and song lyrics.
DramaLiterature that is performed with an audience, through dialogue and action of characters. Plays, experimental theatre, and movies are examples.
Realistic fictionTakes place in the time it was written, in recognizable places, with fictional characters who behave in realistic ways. It sounds like it really could happen, but the author has created the story. Contemporary fiction is a name for realistic fiction that has been written recently.
Historical fictionHas fictional characters who behave in realistic ways. The story is impacted by a definite historical setting of time or place.ex. Fever 1793
Science fictionBased on real or predicted scientific developments. The setting is often in the future or on another planet. Ex. A wrinkle in time
MysteryStories have a problem or crime to solve. There May be police or detective characters. Ex. The dollhouse murders
FantasyStories contain fantastic elements, such as talking objects, imagined creatures, and magic. Ex. Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
MythA traditional story of how something came to be. Myths usually contain Gods or supernatural humans and were specifically part of Ancient Greek or Roman culture
FolktalesSimple stories that have been handed down by word of mouth from one generation to another. Often tales are told through animals. ***often a short story
Tall talesVery exaggerated stories. The characters are larger than life and often, geographically features are explained through the actions of the characters.
Fairy talesUsually containing imaginary characters. Often, a character of lower standing finds a way to become a wealthy person or a member of royalty.
FablesHave animal characters. They are stories told to teach a lesson or give a moral.
GenreA general category of literature. Literature is normally divided into 4 main genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.

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