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implicit thememust be discerned from the details that the author includes
explicit themestated outright in a work of literature
personificationthe use of human attributes to describe something that is not human
Informal/personal essaya prose style that discusses a topic, states a point of view, or attempts to persuade about a matter
Dramaliterature having characters who speak written dialogue and perform the action
Contextthe facts, events, or occurrences that surround a work of literature (or part of a work)
Anaphorathe repetition of words or phrases at the beginnings of poetic lines
Foreshadowingan indication of events that will occur later
Biographya nonfiction account in which the author tells the true events that make up the life of a real person other than himself
Atmospherethe mood or emotion the reader is to share with the characters
Toneauthor's attitude toward the subject about which he is writing
Chronological orderrelating the events of a story in the order that they occurred
Dialectthe vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of a particular group of people
Dialoguethe words that a character speaks
Concrete languagelanguage which appeals to our five senses to describe something
Tall talesstories in which the hero's strength, skills, or accomplishments are exaggerated; unique to American literature
Resolutionpoetry with meter that has a regular pace or beat to it
Alliterationrepetition of initial consonant sounds

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