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Planningdefining the organization's goal, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate work activities
Formal PlanningSpecific goals covering a specific time period
Four reasons for planningProvides direction Reduces uncertainty Minimizes waste and redundancy Sets the standard for controlling
Goalsdesired outcomes or targets
Plansdocuments that outline how goals are going to be met
Financial Goalsrelated to the expected internal financial performance of the organization
Strategic Goalsrelated to the performance of the firm relative to factors in its external environment (e.g., competitors).
Strategic plansplans that apply to the entire organization and establish the organization's overall goals
operational plansplans that encompass a particular operational area of the organization
Long-term plansplans with a time frame beyond three years
Short-term plansplans covering one year or less
Specific Plansplans that are clearly defined and leave no room for interpretation
Directional plansplans that are flexible and set out general guidelines
single-use plana one-time plan specifically designed to meet the needs of a unique situation
standing plansongoing plans that provide guidance for activities performed repeatedly
traditional goal-settingan approach to setting goals in which top managers set goals that then flow down through the organization and become subgoals for each organizational area
means-ends chainan integrated network of goals in which the accomplishment of goals at one level serves as the means for achieving the goals, or ends, at the next level
formal planning departmenta group of planning specialists whose sole responsibility is helping to write organizational plans
competitor intelligencescreening information to detect emerging trends
competitor intelligencegathering information about competitors that allows managers to anticipate competitors' actions rather than merely react to them

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