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TopographyThe shape of the land: Flat, sloping, hilly, mountainous etc
ElevationThe height above sea level
ReliefThe difference in elevation between the highest & lowest parts of an area
LandformA feature of topography formed by the processes that shape Earth's surface
Landform regionA large area with similar topography
PlainsFlat or gentle rolling hills: low relief
MountainsHigh elevation with high relief
PlateausHigh elevation with flat area on top
LithosphereEarth's solid, rocky outer layer
Atmospheregasses around the planet
HydrosphereOceans, lakes, rivers & ice
BiosphereWhere earth's life exists
LongitudeImaginary lines around the earth
LatitudeImaginary lines from pole to pole
Prime MeridianImaginary line half way between equator and the pole
ScaleTells the distance on a map compared to the real distance
Contour LinesLines that show areas of elevation
Index ContourA darker line that has the elevation written on it (every 5th line)
Contour IntervalThe distance in feet from 1 contour interval to the next
GPS Global Positioning SystemUsing satellites to find latitude and longitude

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