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1/10 of a centimeter (cm)millimeter (mm)
10 centimeters (cm)decimeter (dm)
1/100 of a meter (m)centimeter (cm)
1/10 of a meter (m)decimeter (dm)
1/1000 of a meter (m)millimeter (mm)
1000 meters (m)kilometer (km)
1/1000 of a kilometer (km)meter (m)
1/10,000 of a kilometer (km)decimeter (dm)
1/100,000 of a kilometer (km)centimeter (cm)
1/1,000,000 of a kilometer (km)millimeter (mm)
10 millimeters (mm)centimeter (cm)
100 millimeters (mm)decimeter (dm)
Basic Metric unit of lengthmeter (m)
Basic Metric unit of mass/weightgram (g)
Basic Metric unit of capcityliter (l)
1/4 of a Gallon (g)quart (qt.)
1/8 of a Gallon (g)pint (pt)
1/16 of a Gallon (g)cup (c)
1/128 of a Gallonounce (oz)
1/32 of a quart (qt)ounce (oz)
1/8 of a cup (c)ounce (oz)
1/16 of a pintounce (oz)
1/2 of a pintcup
1/2 of a quartpint
2 cupspint
2 pintsquart
16 ouncespint
32 ouncesquart
128 ouncesgallon
8 ouncescup
1/12 footinch
12 inchesfoot
1/36 of a yardinch
36 inchesyard
4 quartsgallon
8 pintsgallon
1 mile5280 feet
1/5280 of a milefeet
1/1760 of a mileyard
mile1760 yards
16 ouncespound
1/16 of a poundounce
2000 poundston
1/2000 tonpound
metric stair case, from left to rightk_ h_ da_ basic unit d_ c_ m_
1/4 of a quartcup
4 cupsquart
Multiply by power of tenDecimal moves right

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