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brachyMeaning: Short Example: brachyesophagus
burs/oMeaning: bursa Example: buccal
bronch(i)/oMeaning: windpipe Example: bronchospasm
calc/iMeaning: calcium Example: calcification
bucc/oMeaning: cheek Example: buccal
calcane/oMeaning: heel Example: calcaneocuboid
carcin/oMeaning: cancer Example: carcinoma
cardi/oMeaning: heart Example: cardiomyopathy
carp/oMeaning: carpus/wrist Example: carpal tunnel
caud/oMeaning: tail Example: caudal-situated under bottom
cec/oMeaning: cecum Example: cecal-arising from or pertainig to ceucm
cephal/oMeaning: head Example: cehalad-toward the head
cerebr/oMeaning: brain Example: cerebral-Pertaining to the brain
cervic/oMeaning: neck Example: cervicothoracic
chlor/oMeaning: green Example: chlorophyll
chol/oMeaning: bile Example: cholecystitis-inflammation of gallbladder
cholecysto/oMeaning: gallbladder Example: cholecystectomy-removal of gallbladder
chondr/oMeaning: cartilage Example: chondrocalcinosis-calcium deposit in cartilage
chori/oMeaning: fetal covering Example: chorioamnionitis-inflammation of membrane surrounding feus
clavicul/oMeaning: clavicle (collar bone) Example: acromioclavicular
coccyg/oMeaning: coccyx Example: coccygeal
colo/oMeaning: colon Example: colonoscopy
colp/oMeaning: hollow/vagina Example: colporrhaphy-surgical repair of vagina
cost/oMeaning: rib Example: costovertebral
crani/oMeaning: cranium/skull Example: craniocervial - head and neck
cry/oMeaning: cold Example: cryogenics
crypt/oMeaning: hide/conceal Example: cryptogenic
cutane/oMeaning: skin Example: subcutaneous - under the skin
cyan/oMeaning: blue Example: cyanosis - insufficient level of oxygen in blood
cysto/oMeaning: cyst/bladder Example: cystitis
cyto/o (-cyte)Meaning: cell Example: plasmacytoma-blood cancer
dactyl/oMeaning: finger/toe Example: hesadactylisum-too many fingers and/or toes
denti/ dent/oMeaning: teeth Example: dental
derma/a dermato/oMeaning: skin Example: dermatitis
dextr/oMeaning: right Example: dextroscoliosis
dips/oMeaning: thirst Example: polydipsia
disc/oMeaning: disc/disk Example: discogenic
dist/oMeaning: far/distant from origin Example: distally
dors/oMeaning: directed toward/on the back Example: dorsal
duoden/oMeaning: duodenum-beginning portion of small intestine Example: duodennal
ech/oMeaning: Sound Example: echogam
electr/oMeaning: electricity Example: elcectrodermal
encephal/oMeaning: brain Example: encephalomalacia
enter/oMeaning: intestine Example: enterocolitis
erythro/oMeaning: red Example: erythrocyte - mature (red) blood cell.
esophag/oMeaning: esophagus Example: esophageal
esthesio/oMeaning: feeling Example: anesthesia
femor/oMeaning: femur, or thigh bone Example: femoral-large artery in the thigh. It begins at the inguinal ligament (femoral head).
fet/oMeaning: fetus Example: fetal
fibr/oMeaning: fiber Example: fibroma
fibul/oMeaning: fibula, or calf bone is a leg bone located on the lateral side of the tibia, with which it is connected above and below. It is the smaller of the two bones, and, in proportion to its length, the most slender of all the long bones. Example: fibulotibial
front/oMeaning: forehead/front Example: frontalis >muscle
galact/oMeaning: milk Example: galactorrhea
gastr/oMeaning: stomach Example: gastrectomy -removal of stomach
genit/oMeaning: genitals Example: genitourinary
ger/oMeaning: old Example: geriatrics
glomerul/oMeaning: glomerulus-a tuft of capillaries Example: glomerulonephritis - kidney inflammation
gloss/oMeaning: tongue Example: glossotonsillar
glyc/oMeaning: sugar/sweet Example: hyperglycemia
gnath/oMeaning: jaw Example: gnathodynia
granul/oMeaning: grain/particle Example: granulocyte
gynec/oMeaning: female Example: gynecology
hem/a hem/o hemat/oMeaning: blood Example: hematochezias the passage of fresh blood through the anus, usually in or with stools
hepat/oMeaning: liver Example: hepatomegaly - is the condition of having an enlarged liver.
hist/oMeaning: tissue Example: histoplasmosis-is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum,primarily affects the lungs. Occasionally, other organs are affected;
hom/oMeaning: common/same "My homey!" Example: homogeneous-A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous
humer/oMeaning: humerus-arm bone from shoulder to elbow Example: humeral - of or pertaining to the humerus.
hydr/oMeaning: water Example: hydrometer- is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids
hyster/oMeaning: uterus/womb Example: hysterosalpingogram-(HSG) is a radiologic procedure to investigate the shape of the uterine cavity and the shape and patency of the fallopian tubes.
ile/oMeaning: ileum (small intestine) Example: ileocecal-pertaining to the ileum( The lowest part of the small intestine, located beyond the duodenum and jejunum, just before the large intestine (the colon and cecum(The beginning of the large intestine and the place where the appendix attaches to the intestinal tract)
ili/oMeaning: ilium(hip bone) Example: sacroiliacis the joint in the bony pelvis between the sacrum and the ilium of the pelvis, which are joined by strong ligaments.-
immun/oMeaning: immune Example: immunodeficiency
infer/oMeaning: Lowermost/below Example: inferior
intestin/oMeaning: intestine Example: gastrointestinal
irid/oMeaning: colored circle/iris Example: iridectomy-is the surgical removal of part of the iris.

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