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monochromehaving one color; a painting, design, photo or outfit that's only one color or shades of one color
monoclean eyeglass for one eye
monolingualspeaking or writing only one language
monolithsomething made of one single large block of stone; one single stone monument
monologuea long speech given by one person
monophobiaan abnormal fear of being the only one there; fear of being alone
monopolycontrol of a product or service by one company
monoraila track for subway or train cars that only has one rail
monosyllabichaving only one syllable
monotonea speech in which every word has one tone of voice
polychromatichaving many different colors
polyclinica hospital that treat many different kinds of diseases
polydactylhaving many fingers or toes (more than normal number)
polyglota person who knows how to speak, read, or write many languages
polygona closed (2D) plane figure with many straight lines that connect
polygrapha machine that writes down many different changes in the body while the person answers questions; lie detector test
polyhedrona solid (3D) figure with many sides, such as a pyramid
polymorphoushaving or assuming many different forms
polysyllabichaving many syllables
polytheismthe belief in many different gods

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