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CoordinationRelates to the ability to use the senses, such as sight and hearing, together with body parts, in performing motor tasks smoothly and accurately
PowerRelates to the rate at which one can perform work
Reaction TimeRelates to the time elapsed between a stimulus and the beginning of the reaction to it
SpeedAbility to perform movement within a short period of time
Aerobic ActivityExercise that requires oxygen to produce the necessary ATP to carry out the activity
Anaerobic ActivityExercise that requires short bursts at a high rate of intensity. Your body does not use oxygen to complete the task, therefore you can only do the exercise for a short period of time
Isokinetic ExerciseThe velocity of the motion is controlled mechanically so that the limb rotates at a set velocity
Isometric ExerciseMuscle contraction that is static, there is no visible joint movement. Ex: Wall sit, grip strength
Warm-UpPurpose is to slowly elevate the pulse and body temperature to an aerobic level by engaging in 5-10 min of slow aerobic activity
Cool-DownPurpose is to slowly decrease the heart rate and body temperature by engaging in slow aerobic activity for at least 5 min.
FrequencyNumber of training sessions per week to adequately stimulate the muscle
DurationThe time or length of an individual exercise session
IntensityCan be manipulated by varying the weight, number of repetitions, the length of rest interval between exercises
CalorieA unit of energy
Locomotor SkillsThey are a group of movements in which the feet move the body from one place to another. Ex: Walking, Skipping
Non-Locomotor SkillsAny motion of the body that doesn't result in traveling from one place to another. Ex: Clapping, stretching
Manipulative Skillsa category of motor skills-those that involve using an object

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