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What is a musical line with no hald steps, used in different styles of folk music wordwide?Pentatonic scales
What is a dominant chord that is derived from the altered scale?An altered chord
What are the three families of the diatonic chords?Tonic (i, 3, 6), subdominant (2, 4) and dominant (5, 7)
What refers to the movement from one family or function of chords to another and is used to establish key centers?Cadence
What is an appropriate description of a typical trombone timbre?Round, bright, full
What is the character of a sound or voice?Timbre
How might a composer use timbre?To change the sound of an instrument, express sounds in nature
Frequency is a measurement ofSound waves
A series of waves produced when an instrument is playedOvertones
A series of chords that occur at the end of a section and contain 4 seventh chordsTurnaround
What is a dominant chord that will resolve to a diatonic chord that is not the tonicSecondary dominant chord
When an extra dominant chord can create a temporary sense that the diatonic is being resolved is the tonic in a changing keyTonicized chords
What are the four types of modulations?Direct, prepared, pivot chord, transitional
What is the use of an existing chord from a parallel, or of the same route, mode or scal where the particular chord is applied from the parallel key to the original to replace the expected functionsModal interchange
What is the degree of loudness or softness of a music pieceDynamics
Instruments that are make high-pitched sounds and instruments that are _ make low-pitched sounds.Small/large
Which was the earliest family in the orchestra?string
Which was the earliest family in the orchestra?A piece of wood used for vibration of woodwind instruments.
To which family does the saxophone belong?woodwind
A woodwind quartet might include:Sax, oboe, bassoon
What ar the four dimensions of rhythm?Duration, pulse, rhythm, meter
What is a pitch that is usually dissonant and occuring in a strong position within the meter?Appoggiatura
What is the addition of notes to create more beauty or greater effect or to showcase the dexterity and abilities of the performer?Ornamentation
A horror film would best be accompanied by:A minor leitmotif.
In music, what is a 'scale'?A specific arrangement of notes.
One could expect a tragic Italian opera to include:An aria in a minor key.
Based on the title, one could expect Mozart's 40th Symphony in G Minor to sound:Serious and intense.
'Tonality' is:The character of the music.
What is a repeating pitch or pattern that is quick and continuous?Tremolo
What is an ornamentation completed by rapidly moving between two pitches that are sequential within the key of a particular piece?Trill
A pattern of frequency that is either increasing or decreasingContour
The person who can identify a pitch or produce a designated pitch without regard to any reference point or standardAbsolute pitch
_ and harmonies bring dramatic tension and release to music.Consonant/dissonant
'Notes that move stepwise' describes when a melody is:conjunct
A countermelody:is when two melodies create harmony.
'Dissonance' is:an unstable chord
Barbershop quartets use:homophonic texture.
Gregorian chant was most often sung in:monophonic texture.
The song 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash features two trumpet players playing the same rhythms but different pitches. This is an example of:Homophonic texture.
A canon can be described as:Intricate polyphonic counterpoint.
the correct order of increasing dynamics?piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo
Which is the loudest dynamic?fortissimo
Sforzando meanssuddenly loud
Which of the following are the lines of the treble clef staff?E, G, B, D, F
'Enharmonic' means:A pitch with two names
A 'natural sign':cancels accidentals
When added to a note, a flag or beam:shortens the value of the note by half.
Notes are named relative to their duration of a:whole note.

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