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accidentala flat, sharp or natural that is not in the key signature
barthe distance between two bar lines OR measure
double bartwo bar lines together that separates sections within a piece of music
flata symbol that lowers the note by one half step
keya specific scale defining the tonality of a musical piece
key signaturesharp or flat symbols placed at the beginning of a staff line to designate which notes should be raised or lowered
naturalcancels out a sharp or flat
sharpraises a note one half step
common timeanother term for 4/4 meter
compound timea time signature in which the beat units are divisible by three, such as 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8
eighth notea musical note having one-eighth the time value of a whole note
half notea musical note having half the time value of a whole note
meterhow beats and accents are grouped within a measure
quarter notea note that has one quarter the time value of a whole note
resta beat or beats of a measured silence
tiea curved line that joins two notes
time signaturethe numbers written on a staff to indicate the meter. The top number tells how many beats are in each measure, and the bottom number tells which kind of note gets a single beat.
treble clefa symbol that wraps around the G line at the beginning of the staff
whole notea note that is equal to four quarter notes or two half notes

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